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unique baby bottle covers in stores

"One of my best sellers in the store, customers love the uniqueness, price point and something they can't find in the big stores. Great for baby shower gifts. My own daughter loves the Rabbit." - Alica, Bink Cat in Berwyn, PA

bottle pets wholesale

"Bottle Pets put a smile on my customer's faces. They are an easy sell because many people want a gift around the $20 price-point which is difficult in a boutique. They are also completely unique and not like anything else in the market to my knowledge. I have been selling Bottle Pets in my upscale maternity and baby boutique. People just love them. Customers usually comment that they are a 'fantastic idea' and they wish they had been around when they had babies or that they will want one when they have a baby. They sell very well." - Kelly Buck, Bump Maternity in Bellevue, WA

bottle pets in stores

"Bottle Pets are one of our number one selling gift items in our store. Our customers love them and can't wait to give them to friends as baby shower gifts. They're an adorable addition to our store and are an easy sell because they are so cute and functional! Lil Devils love Bottle Pets!" - Sarah Benton, Lil Devils in Long Beach, CA