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Bottle Pets fit most narrow and wide neck baby bottles including Dr. Brown's, Playtex Nurser, Tommee Tippee, Avent, and even some sippy cups too (without handles)!

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Luxurious plush security blankets that babies adore! Paws crackle when you touch them! Goes perfectly with a Bottle Pet. Say "Hi!" here

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A Stuffed Animal and Baby Bottle Cover

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Looking for a unique baby gift idea for a birthday or baby shower? Look no further...

Bottle Pets are stuffed animal baby bottle covers designed to make bottle feeding fun! These plush little animals help babies bottle feed by giving them something soft to hold. Bottle Pets are also fun to play with even when it's not meal time! They're great absolutely any time.

Put the fun into bottle feeding with Bottle Pets today!

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What a great idea! A baby bottle cover and a stuffed animal all in one! Many babies, even those who are breastfed, are fed a bottle regularly - whether they are formula fed or perhaps mom has gone back to work and baby is getting pumped breast milk or a low supply is requiring supplementation. Bottle Pets make mealtime fun for your little one and when they are done with their bottle they will still have their stuffed buddy to cuddle with.

Elena, Daily Mom

Sometimes feeding a baby can be difficult, at times if your baby is overly fussy it can turn into a screaming fest and put the first time parent into tears. Bottle Pets make for bottle feeding to be more of a fun event, capturing the attention of your little one with the bright, but not over stimulating colors and animal options.

Brandy, Happily Blended

Simply put, this is the BEST invention ever! As a mother of two children, I know a thing or two about lovelies and bottle feeding, and my advice is that Bottle Pets have tackled both problems head on.

Meri, Lil' Sugar

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