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multi colored bunny bottle holder
multi colored bunnies bottle holder

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lamb bottle holder

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bunny rabbit bottle holder

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buck bottle cover

drew the bottle pet
ladybug bottle cover

pig bottle pet
baby bottle holder pig

cow bottle pet
baby bottle holder cow

reindeer bottle pet
baby bottle holder cow

what is a bottle pet

A Stuffed Animal and Baby Bottle Cover

why a bottle pet

Looking for a unique baby gift idea for a birthday or baby shower? Look no further...

Bottle Pets are stuffed animal baby bottle covers designed to make bottle feeding fun! These plush little animals help babies bottle feed by giving them something soft to hold. Bottle Pets are also fun to play with even when it's not meal time! They're great absolutely any time.

Put the fun into bottle feeding with Bottle Pets today!

reviews of bottle pets

Simply put, this is the BEST invention ever! As a mother of two children, I know a thing or two about lovelies and bottle feeding, and my advice is that Bottle Pets have tackled both problems head on.

Meri Temudo, Lil' Sugar

I just love these guys, I think this is such a wonderful idea! They are so soft and cuddly, I love the fact that they are machine washable! These are Mommy Approved!

Sharon Price, A Mommy's Tale

I've realized that not only are Bottle Pets adorable and a BIG hit with the babies but they can actually help your child learn to hold their bottle faster. The feet of the animal give your baby something to hold on to instead of the slick bottle.

Autumn Banks, Faeriefly Momma

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